Pole Classes In Carnforth Near Lancaster

I teach pole fitness from Bexpoles Studio in Carnforth near Lancaster. One-to-one private lessons through to small group sessions of up to four students (4 students max during social distancing/Covid-19) My pole studio has 5 poles.

4 Week Course Cost

The cost for a 4 week course is £40 per person. Payment is to be made in advance of the course start date, and course bookings are not confirmed until you have paid. Please message me before making payment to ensure there is space on the course you wish to attend. Payment to be made either cash or bank transfer (use your name as the reference).

Make sure you can make all 4 of the lesson dates before making your booking. I am fully booked and cannot make transfers/switches and do not offer refunds or partial refunds.

One-To-One Private Lesson Cost

My costs are £35 for an hour one-to-one private lesson, or £125 upfront if you block book 4 lessons.

Come With A Friend/Group Cost

To come with a friend it’s £40 per hour lesson.

If there is 3 of you it’s £45 per hour, if there is 4 of you its £50 per hour. If you want to come as a group I can open up a regular class slot if I have availability for group/class bookings on the timetable. (daytimes and weekends)

My Classes

Bexpoles Studio Carnforth is fully booked weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. Next courses start Monday 21st September 2020. To be put on a waiting list please get in touch via the contact form or on the @bexpolesstudio Facebook or Instagram page. If you require a Monday afternoon daytime class 2.30pm or 3.30pm (or earlier) then we can accommodate you if there is enough people interested in booking (4 people) get in touch to arrange this.


I have one space Monday 5.30pm with instructor Sharna for three weeks. Get in touch for more information.


Please see the different classes that I currently offer:


Complete Beginners

Complete beginners is the first course you will sign onto. It is a 4 week long course which will go through basic walks, spins and sits which we will then start linking moves together to form short combos. You will also learn correct technique for conditioning exercises. 

Beginners 1 & 2

Beginners is a course you should only book onto if you have already completed ‘Complete beginners’. We will have learned a lot about hand positioning, pole terminology and body awareness. We should have developed some grip strength and core stability to deal with the slightly more advanced beginner moves and linking them to form longer combos that we work on in Beginners.

Lower Intermediate

When you are ready to start inverting (going upside down), working on moves such as butterfly, and can demonstrate most of the beginner moves unaided, you are lower intermediate. You will have developed grip strength and body control and awareness. Your shoulders will be sufficiently strong to be able to take your weight upside down, you will need to be independently safe by protecting your body to avoid injury.

Higher Intermediate

Hopefully you would get to higher intermediate within a year to 18 months of poling. You may be there sooner depending on your strength and background. Higher intermediate moves will be working on lots of upside down moves, reducing points of contact to rely on strength not just contact points. Maybe flips, maybe taking combos higher up the pole. Relying less on crash mats and more on your own body awareness.

NEW – Rent A Pole

If you want to practise outside of lesson times you can pay to rent out one pole or the whole studio. The cost is £5 per pole for one hour. Only students of mine have this option and an instructor need to be on the premises as the insured person.

Next Block Bookings

Please get in touch to book your lesson. Please also see and read through the FAQs below before coming to lessons.

Booking Details

I currently have five poles so cannot take more than 4 students with one person to a pole due to Covid-19 distancing rules. With regards to the block bookings please make sure you can attend all 4 lessons in the course. It is your responsibility to ensure none of the course dates clash with prior arrangements you may have. I can be fairly flexible if it is necessary to swap the odd day around IF given notice about this BEFORE you book onto your course and only if I have space on another slot which is at your level (see terms and conditions) – please ask first, don’t book a block and assume. Or, the other option is to just pay for drop-in lessons on the course you have chosen at a cost of £12 per session (but message me first to ensure there isn’t already 4 students booked onto the course you are interested in. *EDIT* we are fully booked so no swaps/transfers available.