Please browse through my frequently asked questions below. Remember anyone can try pole fitness, you just need determination and a little help from me…

What People Have Been Asking

Please get in touch to book your lesson. Please also see and read through the FAQs below before coming to lessons.

Hopefully we can put your mind at rest by answering some of the most commonly asked questions...

I’m a little (or a lot) out of shape, can I still start pole classes?

Of course! You don’t need to be fit to start pole, pole classes will make you physically strong. A lady who came to my class for the first time last week confided in me that she had put off starting pole classes for so long because she felt she was too fat. My response to her was you are only ‘too fat’ if you are confined to your bed due to weight issues. Otherwise everyone else will cope just fine!

What do I wear for pole classes?

Layers are important. When we warm up our muscles we want to be warm, so a jumper/ hoody and leggings. But as we get warm and approach the pole we need our skin out to grip the pole so wearing short shorts/pole pants and a vest top with a sports bra underneath our clothes is important. 

What do I need to bring to pole class?

You need to make sure you have paid and your space is confirmed. Bring with you a drink & a sweat towel. When you have been poling a while you may want to invest in grip aids such as ‘Dry Hands’ or body sorbet but you can borrow these off me for a class or two to see if it helps improve your grip on the pole if you even need it at all.

Are there any do’s and don’ts?

Yes, don’t chew gum during class - it’s messy and you could choke, don’t wear any jewellery (such as rings and bracelets) as any metal will be different to the pole metal and you will either damage your own jewellery or damage the pole - or both, so leave your jewellery at home.

Don’t moisturise or fake tan at all before class - not even after your shower the night before. Moisturising makes the pole slippery, you will not be able to grip the pole and neither will your pole buddy if you are sharing a pole, so you won’t only be making it dangerous for yourself you will be making an unnecessary hazard for the people using your pole after you. I also recommend washing your hands thoroughly with fairy liquid before coming to class. This will reduce the amount of natural oil on your hands giving you better grip.

Also don’t push yourself too hard, if you feel a little twinge or feel yourself tiring then slow down, rest or stop completely. You know your body best so please listen to it.

Side note/request - please be mindful of the fact I will have to physically spot you which means I will be super close to your armpits etc, and although this is an exercise class and you probably will shower after class, just be aware of your own body odour and working out in close proximity to others. To be kind to each of my students I make sure I shower/freshen up and change my outfit where possible between classes as I'm aware and mindful of this being physical and the close proximity of which we work in. Thanks guys x

Why are pole classes beneficial?

So many reasons! Confidence, empowerment, strength, meeting new people, improving mental wellbeing, learning a new skill, getting physically fit - the list is endless.

Do I need to arrive early for pole class?

On your first lesson, yes. I'll allow 10 minutes before your first lesson to have a chat with you and for you to fill out your health questionnaire. All of your other classes just make sure you arrive on time as we make the most of your hour slot by starting to warm up straight away. Sometimes, if it can't be helped I may have to run classes back to back. So I may have a class for example 7-8pm then your class 8-9pm -  although I do usually allow 15 minutes between lessons (so I can have a drink and use the toilet, freshen up etc) so please just arrive at your lesson time or 5 minutes before, NO EARLIER.

What type of poles do you use?

We have 4 X-Pole Xpert 45mm chrome poles and one stainless steel pole incase of allergies. Both static and spinning and we use both static and spinning throughout classes.

How do I pay?

Either cash, or bank transfer to my pole account (please ask for the details) to be paid in full before the first day of the course. 4 week block bookings are taken upfront, before the first lesson in the 4 week block to secure your time slot for the next 4 weeks.

What is your cancellation policy?

Course bookings, when you sign on to a course of 4 lessons you agree that you can make those 4 consecutive lessons, otherwise you will need to pay for drop in sessions that you can make if there is space for drop ins on that course, choose an alternative course, or wait until the next course. I am unable to offer students transfers for missed classes where we have been informed of your absence after the event, under any circumstances. You will have forfeited your class.

You need to let me know at least 24 hours in advance for me to be able to offer you another space to transfer onto - IF I am not fully booked and only IF there is a lesson available at your lesson for you to transfer onto, otherwise the first rule of only sign onto the course if you can make every date applies. Transfers must be done / used within the same 4 week course except in extreme circumstances. If there is only 1 person booked onto your class I will inform you at lest 24 hours before your arranged lesson that it is cancelled and I will issue you a full refund.

No transfers or substitution will be made should you fail to give at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of a class. Right now I am fully booked so no transfers can be offered. Unless I am responsible for cancelling a course I do not offer refunds. 

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